People are Talking about Patient Comfort Systems’ MRI Pads…

“I went to sleep during my MRI. It was completely different from my previous 3 scans without the new pads.”
Patient, Edison NJ

“Lying on the Patient Comfort Systems pads was like sleeping on my bed at home. It made my MRI scan very comfortable.”  
Patient, Boston MA

“I recently had an MRI for two herniated discs in my spine that were causing me severe back pain. With the new MRI table pads and especially the knee wedge, I was so comfortable that I did not have any inclination to move during the 30-minute scan.”  
Patient, Southern IN

“I got to use the new Patient Comfort pads for my MRI and they were great. I was very relaxed and the whole experience was so comfortable.”  
Patient, Baptist Hospital Memphis TN

“I have experienced the advanced viscoelastic material and have been impressed by the technology. These are clearly the pads I want the imaging center that scans my patients to use.”
Richard Nolan, M.D. Orthopedic Surgeon, San Francisco Bay Area