Patient Protection Pads

For Patient Protection, we have 3 different sizes.

  • MRI5113 covers to the Patient’s wrist (so the length would be 29” and the width 14”)
  • HIT2117 Covers to the Patient’s fingertips
  • GE1113-1 Covers the knees of the Patient

Below are the measurements just switch around length and width.  You will need two,  one for each side of the patient. The top of the pad that touches the bore is nylon and the backside is urethane that touches the patient. 

MRI5113PCS MRI Table Pad  (29″W x  14″L x 0.625″D) – 1 Pc.
HIT2117PCS MRI Pad E (31″W x  13.5″L x 0.625″D) – 1 Pc.
GE1113PCS MRI Table Pad  (15″W x  13″L x 0.625″D) – 1 Pc.

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