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Patient Protection - Product Overview - Technology - Peak Pressure - Bottoming Out - Research - Applications

The basis of our technology is an expanded urethane cellular
matrix with viscoelastic properties; in essence it is a solid
with the behavior of a fluid. This material is highly effective
in conforming to body contours and distributing body weight.
These mattresses redistribute the load (patient body weight)
from areas of high concentration to areas of low concentration
by two processes:

1. Immersion, which decreases the pressure
by increasing the contact area.

2. Envelopment, which is the micro-configuration
of the support surfaces over the body, thereby
decreasing peak pressure.

The result is a pressure equilibrium which helps to
maintain normal blood flow allowing the skin and
underlying tissues to be perfused properly.

This technology also includes a permanent antimicrobial
agent to inhibit the growth of harmful drug resistant
bacteria such as MRSA. It is also latex free.

Patient Comfort Systems' patent pending technology
assures durability and patient safety


“This material is amazing. When I first felt it in one hand with the other hand holding the older pads that we received from the MRI manufacturer, I was blown away with the softness and the firm support it had. My patients simply love it. This has reduced motion and callbacks and made our patients happier. As an added bonus my referring doctors realize how much we care about their patients’ comfort.”

”I started Patient Comfort Systems to make this material available to other imaging centers and hospitals.”

Peter Rothschild, M.D. MRI Radiologist
President and Founder,
Patient Comfort Systems, Inc.