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Operating Rooms
Mattresses using our advanced core materials material are used
in operating rooms where patients are on the surgical table
for extended periods of time. Therefore, many referring doctors
are familiar with this technology.

Covering Materials
The material covering the pads is made from advanced breathable
but waterproof polymer, which allows for easy maintenance
and cleaning. It is vapor-permeable and can stretch, thereby
decreasing shear and maceration. This material increases patient
comfort when compared to the standard plastic covers that
cannot breathe. Additionaly the top and bottom fabrics contain
an antimicrobial agent to inhibit the gowth of harmful drug
resistant bacteria, such as MRSA. They are also latex free.
Infection control is further enhanced because Patient Comfort
Systems tables pads are using coated nylon thread. This
protects the advanced viscoelastic core from biological
hazards and prevents cracking and tearing in high impact
areas, such as pad corners.

Patient Comfort Systems' patent pending technology
assures durability and patient safety.


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